Day of Remembrance, Newbies’ first performance!

Every year, UCR’s Nikkei Student Union (NSU) hosts the Day of Remembrance to reflect on the history of Japanese Americans in concentration camps.

This event also marks the Newbies’ first performance!

Congrats to Gen 18 for making it this far, it will only start to get more better from here on out!

Here in Senryu, we offer our members the chance to make a positive influence in the community through musical and cultural performances and we’re proud to have Gen 18 be a part of it.

Shout out to Raymond Ricafort, Deanna Timmons, Franny Cao, Roel Zamora, Lydia Ko, Jacqueline Noborikawa, Vivian Nguyen, Vanessa Luu, Victoria Do, Alyssa Kumashiro, and Jasper Lin for doing a great job in the performance last night! Also shout out to our other Gen 18 members Ethan Botton and Enoch Lin who couldn’t make it but are still nevertheless great performers!