A snapshot from Shizen

Taiko Gathering 2012

A snapshot of Shizen

Hello, this is Jennifer again!  Here is our first official post, long overdue, on our performance at this year’s Taiko Gathering!  On August 19, we trekked to JACCC Plaza in Little Tokyo for the 19th Annual Taiko Gathering, a part of the 72nd Annual Nisei Week.  To our surprise, we were the only collegiate group performing among a plethora of community groups.  But we saw many familiar faces from fellow collegiate groups and even some Senryu alumni!

Our performance featured four songs: Nanohana, Somang, Nagare Watari, and Shizen.  Somang, written by Cynthia Kim, and Shizen, written by Warren Macdonald, actually debuted this year during our annual Spring Concert.  We are thankful for this opportunity to showcase our new songs!

Our new directors this year, Audrey Tu and David McKnight, performed together during two musical transitions: a remix of Kyuubi No Kaze and a shamisen/clave piece.  Kyuubi No Kaze, a past Senryu song, was remixed just for this performance.  Also, David debuted his new shamisen, playing an excerpt of his new song, Journey of Dreams.

We had a fantastic time performing and hope that everyone enjoyed the energy and enthusiasm of all of the taiko groups that performed that day!

Thanks to Russell Takahara for taking the pictures!  For more pictures of our performance, feel free to visit our Facebook page!…