Block Party 2012

Hi Everyone!

This is Audrey Tu, the Performance Director of Senryu Taiko, here to talk about our participation at Block Party 3 weeks ago!

On Friday, October 2, Senryu Taiko had the honor of being the opening for the set of student organization performances on the stage by the Bell Tower that evening. In addition to our performance, Collective Faction and 909 Hip Hop performed on the big stage. With a small team of 6, we performed Nano Hana, Ichi Ji, and Mukashi Mukashi— Oh! In fact, that performance of Ichi Ji was the first for a few of our “newbies.” Congratulations! You guys have grown so much. Also, we’d like to thank everyone who watched and cheered for our performance. The energy of the crowd was great and encouraged us to give it our all!

In addition to performing, we also tabled for the event, along with many other student orgs. Since we set up early, we reserved a space that had a lot of foot traffic—Score! Thank you to everyone who visited our table! It was a great pleasure to talk to you all.

We hope to see you all again!…

Our Newest Installment to!

Hello, my name is Jennifer and I’m Senryu Taiko’s historian for the 2012-2013 school year.  A little about myself: this will be my second year as an undergraduate student as well as my second year in taiko.  As a student, I major in chemistry, conducting research in a chemistry lab and representing the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences (CNAS) as a Science Ambassador.  Also, I teach Sunday school to fourth graders at my local church.  During my free time, I enjoy baking and doing my nails.

I have previous experience in music and percussion, but I can’t say it has given me an advantage.  I have come to enjoy the challenging and multifaceted nature of taiko.  Also, I have met many interesting friends, because taiko brings together people of various backgrounds and skills.  My involvement in our collegiate group, thus far, provided me with such a unique experience, but those outside of our small community see nothing but our performances.

As a result, I am starting a new section on our website dedicated to posts by myself and other members about performances, practices, and other taiko-related events, just to name a few.  We will also be integrating a series of posts titled “About Taiko,” explaining various playing styles, drums, narimono, costumes, and so on.  Posts will include pictures, and possibly some videos!

I hope we can share our experiences through our perspective and to broaden the knowledge of those who experience only one facet of what we call “taiko.”  I’m looking forward to the upcoming performances, meeting our new tryoutees, learning more taiko, and having a fun time!

-Jennifer An

P.S. If you want to put a face to the name, click on the “Members” tab under our banner!   Just try to imagine me with shorter hair!…