About Senryu Taiko

Making noise since 1998, Senryu Taiko is the fourth intercollegiate taiko group to ever form in the United States. Self-taught and self-sustained, the club continues the tradition of kumidaiko by writing music together, teaching incoming members, and forming ties with other collegiate taiko groups across the nation.

Anime Expo 2015

Hey everyone! We’re doing Anime Expo again! Catch us at the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony in the South Lobby on July 2 starting at 11:45am, and come out to our workshop to learn about taiko and how to play taiko on the same day which is located in room 403A (or WS1) from 2:30-4:30.

Check out anime-expo.org for more info and to get your passes. And make sure to schedule us!

Hope to see you there!

Uniqlo Taiko Battle 2015

This past Saturday, June 20, 2015, Senryu had the pleasure of being a part of Uniqlo’s Grand Opening College Taiko Battle Event. Many collegiate groups came out to compete including Touzan from Cal Poly, Kazan from USC, Kyodo from UCLA, Asayake from UCSD, Jishin from CSUN, and Jodaiko from UCI.

It is our pleasure to announce that Senryu’s very own Amy Tieu, TJ Kim, Henry Wu, Jason Phan, Kat Morano, and Alexander Oakland brought home first place in this competition!

Great job guys! And great job to all our fellow taiko groups who also made it out to this event! It was fun performing with such talented people!

21st Annual Intercollegiate Taiko Invitational

Senryu would like to thank Jodaiko from the University of California, Irvine for hosting the 21th Annual Intercollegiate Taiko Invitational this past weekend, May 23 and 24, 2015. The Invitational is a unique event for the collegiate taiko community, since it brings together collegiate taiko groups from across the nation for a weekend dedicated to expanding our knowledge of taiko. Through interacting with other collegiate taiko players, as well as taiko masters who teach various taiko workshops, Senryu’s core members have continued to become more well-rounded individuals, as well as taiko players.

Our friends at Jodaiko were a great host this year and Senryu can only aspire to be an equally excellent host when the Invitational takes place at UC Riverside in 2018!

Say Hello To The New Members of Senryu Taiko: Generation 17


Left to Right: Kenyatta Joseph, Saburo Nakano, Keith Wong, Janzen Alejo, Nicholli Lay, Chelsey Calingo, Tanya Lieu, Brian Chu, Cheyenne Current, & Kenny Utrapiromsuk

Throughout five weeks of physically-demanding taiko playing, these individuals proved their commitment to us and the spirit of taiko, and have been welcomed into our group.

We look forward to a year of taiko with all of you!

Ghost Walk 2014

SenryuGW2014Hosted by the California Riverside Ballet, the 23rd Annual Ghost Walk is a street fair of costumes, candy, live performances, and ghost story tours of the historically-rich Downtown Riverside, all decorated in the ghoulish theme of Halloween. This event is aimed at entertaining guests of all ages, so bring your friends and family! Senryu Taiko will be the opening act on both nights, October 24th and 25th, at 6:00pm! This will also be Senryu’s only performance not in traditional taiko attire! Instead, our members will perform in individual Halloween costumes!

This event will take place in Downtown Riverside, at the Mission Inn.
For more information regarding Ghost Walk, click here: www.crballet.com.

We hope to see you there!